General Information about Belarus

Official country name

The official name is the Republic of Belarus.

Short version is Belarus.



About 207,600 sq. km.

Capital city

Minsk is the capital of the republic.


Approximately 9,500,000 people.


The majority of the population is Belarusian. The largest minorities are the Russians, Poles, and Ukrainians.


The  basic  features  of the  moderate  continental  climate  of Belarus  is a moderately hot but a bit rainy summer, mild winter with frequent thaws, changing weather in spring and autumn. The major weather benefit in Belarus is absence of natural disasters, such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes. The country is mostly flat, has no mountains, but hills only.​


Belarus  uses  the Belarusian ruble.  The  sign  for  the  Belarusian Ruble  (BYN) is  Br.  Only  Belarusian  rubles  are accepted as payment. Main currency is US dollars and Euro, both can be easily exchaned at our ATM and banks. In most cases cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) are accepted.


There  are  two  official languages  in Belarus – Russian and Belarusian. The majority of the population speaks the Russian language, the Belarusian one is used mostly by progressive youth, elderly people and at rural areas. English as a foreign language is the most widely spread.


Most people  are  Christian, of  which  about 70%  are Eastern  Orthodox  and  20%  are  Roman  Catholic.  All  other religions including Buddhism, Judaism and Islam are freely practiced.



Geographically  Belarus  is  situated  in the center of Europe.

It borders  with  Russia  in  the  north  and east, with Ukraine in the south, with Poland in the West, with Lithuania and Latvia in the north-west. Belarus is made up of 6 regions, they are Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Minsk regions.


Belarus is an elected democracy, a presidential republic, where president Alexander Lukashenko is recognized as a head of state. The legislative authority is the parliament made up of two Chambers, executive authority is the Council of Ministers.


Economy profile

The type of economy is market socially-oriented economy. Agriculture is an important highly efficient industry that along with machine-building and exports of mineral fertilizers are major contributors to the economy.



Voltage is 220 volts AC at 50HZ. Appliances generally use standard 2-pin plugs and sockets as in Europe. Uk and the USA visitors might need adapters.