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Bialowieza Forest or Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the largest remnant of a relict primeval lowland forest. This forest, according to the ideas developed in modern science, in prehistoric times grew on the territory of Europe. Gradually it was cut down, but in a relatively intact state in the form of a large massif was preserved only in the Bialowieza region on the territory of modern Belarus and Poland.

The state border between Poland and Belarus passes through Bialowieza Forest. Next to the border there’s the watershed of the Baltic and Black seas. To preserve the unique nature of the Bialowieza Forest, four functional zones with different protection regimes have been identified: a protected zone, a regulated use zone, a recreational and economic zone. In addition, a protective (buffer) zone has been created around the forest.

In 1979, the Bialowieza Forest (Poland) was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

In 1992, this UNESCO nature conservation site expanded to include part of the state national Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" (Belarus), receiving the name Belovezhskaya Pushcha/Bialowieza Forest.

During the tour, you will definitely meet forest inhabitants: graceful deer, slow-moving tree frog or marsh turtle. In the aviaries, guests are met by the owners of the bison forest.

In addition to natural beauty, you will see historical and cultural monuments: strategic bridges built under Alexander III, a memorial to the inhabitants of a village burned by the Germans, pagan stones surrounded by a halo of myths and legends. You will definitely taste the "live" water from an ancient well and visit Grandfather Frost which is Belarusian version of Santa Claus!

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