Grodno City

Grodno is located at about 280 km distance to the south-east of Minsk. It is the city that each guest should visit. Had I choice where to be born I'd have chosen Grodno. Why? The main reason is that most part of the architectural relics has been preserved there - in western part of Belarus, and Grodno ranks first in the number of them. No other city in Belarus has preserved such a large number of sights!   

One of the major attractions of Grodno is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier that was built in 1703. This is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Belarus. Earlier this church was a part of a big complex of buildings of the Jesuit Monastery. Many of these buildings have been preserved and now they are used for different non-religious purposes.

Nearby is another former Catholic monastery - Bernardine Monastery. Now, a seminary is located  in the complex of a former monastery. And the main church of the monastery is Roman Catholic Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross, built in 1618. Now the church is an important historical monument of Grodno and Belarus.

Another impressive attraction of Grodno is the Russian Orthodox Church of Saints Boris and Gleb. It is also called as "Kalozha". This church was built in 1183. This is one of the oldest stone structures in Belarus.

There're and an Old Castle and New Castle in the city. The Old Castle dates back to the XI century. New Castle was built directly next to the Old Castle in 1742. Now there're museums in both castles.

Next on the list of attractions Grodno sure to mention the ancient Roman Catholic Annunciation Church, located in the former monastery. The building of the church was built in 1651, so this architectural monument is a very valuable monument, although at the moment the church is not fully restored.

There's a unique sight for Belarus located in Grodno - Lutheran Church, which presumably was built in 1783. The building is still active, and it's the only one acctive Lutheran Church in our coutry. 

There’s also the Grand Snagogue in the city! It was built in the XVI century. Until recently, is was in a dilapidated condition but at the mometn it's being restored, and it's open for visitors. There're very few olad and active synagogues in Belarus, so the Grand Synagogue of Grodno is an important architectural monument.

On the main square of Grodno there's another great attraction which deserves special mention - the former home of the merchant, which now is a hotel. This building was built in the XIX century. The architecture of this building might not be very unique, but due to its central location it has become one of the mpst famous places of Grodno.

The above list of attractions of Grodno fis not full at all! Generally speaking the entire city center is a historical place. Here one can find many attractions such as and former minor palaces and gymnasiums, schools and colleges, pre-revolutionary buldings and water towers, banks and houses of wealthy burghers, and a lot of other sights. In general the whole Grodno city is of particular interest for tourists!

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