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Private Guide Katya Makarevich Belarus B
Private Guide Katya Makarevich Belarus B
Private Guide Katya Makarevich Belarus B
Private Guide Katya Makarevich Belarus B
Private Guide Katya Makarevich Belarus B
Private Guide Katya Makarevich Belarus B
Private Guide Katya Makarevich Belarus B
Private Guide Katya Makarevich Belarus B
Private Guide Katya Makarevich Belarus B

Brest city is situated at the border with Poland opposite the Polish city of Terespol, about 350 km south-west from Minsk.  The population of the city is about 330,000 people.

Compared to other cities of the republic of Belarus, Brest is a rather old town, as it was first mentioned in 1019.  There are churches and cathedrals of various religious dimensions, a variety of museums and old buildings, long and beautiful pedestrian zone, but Brest's main attraction is definitely the Brest Fortress.

The design of the Fortress was approved by the Emperor Nicholas I in 1830. The Fortress appeared to be a masterpiece of military engineering as well as an outstanding piece of arts. By the beginning of the XX century the Fortress was the main Russian outpost on the western border. However the present fame was gained by the Brest Fortress during WWII. The Fortress is one of the most important Soviet WWII monuments marking the heroic resistance of the Red Soviet Army against the unexpected German attack on June 22, 1941. "We were three. It was difficult for us but we die as heroes", - a soldier scribbled on the wall before his death. Walking inside the Fortress it is easy to feel the desperation that the defenders faced as they were annihilated by the Germans.

Having visited Brest Fortress you need to pay attention to the other most valuable tourist attraction of Brest - a unique archaeological museum "Berestye". This museum and the Brest Fortress is an entire tourist complex. During excavations in the area of Brest Fortress a lot of ancient things were discovered. It was the real Old City of Brest! Then a special building was constructed, which protects the ancient sites and maintains the ideal conditions for their preservation. This building became the museum, which is now open to the public. This museum is absolutely unique for Belarus.

Also, on the territory of the Brest Fortress there is the former Garrison Church of St. Nicholas, originally built in 1876. The church is active today. Outside it has been completely restored, but the interior of the church has not been restored since WWII. The walls still have the traces of the combat shells. A visit to this church impresses.

On the territory of the Brest Fortress there's also a Russian Orthodox Nunnery. It has been founded recently in one of the best preserved buildings of the Brest Fortress, which previously housed the regimental school.

Alsp it is worth mentioning about the ruins of the former convent and church of the Bernardines. Originally, the convent was built in the second half of the XVIII century. This is one of the few buildings of the historic center of the old Brest, which was not completely destroyed or rebuilt to the needs of the fortress. 

Another important attraction of Brest is the Roman Catholic Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, built in 1856. This church is located on the central square of the city. It is interesing to note an tricky ideological rendering of the former Soviet authorities of Brest: Lenin statue with the hand pointing the way, installed in the same area, shows directly to the church.

Another interesting attraction of the city of Brest is a museum of railway equipment. This museum contains a lot of locomotives and other railway vehicles. Visitors are allowed to see the interior of all the exhibits and they can examine the driver's cab and the engine compartment of most trains. It is possible to take pictures of everything without limitations. 

A visit to Brest city and Brest Foretress will leave unforgettable memory and emotions in your hearts!    

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