Minsk Tractor Plant

What is the Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ)? This is an enterprise that dates back to 1946. As of 2017, the company employs more than 16,000 people. The plant's capacity is designed to produce 71,000 tractors of various series.

Minsk Tractor Plant is one of the eight largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world - about 8-10% of the global market for wheeled tractors. In 2017, the plant produced 87 % of wheeled tractors in the CIS.

Minsk Tractor Plant develops and manufactures wheeled and tracked tractors, tillers, trailed and mounted tools for agricultural, construction, forestry and municipal works, spare parts, consumer goods, organizes their production on a license basis, provides services for establishing and conducting service. In 2019 more than 3.86 million tractors have been produced, of which over 2.6 million have been delivered to more than 100 countries. The company produces about 100 models of different machines types with more than 200 assembly options for various operating conditions with a capacity from 9 to 455 HP.

During the tour around the tractor plant, we will get acquainted with the history of the creation and development of the plant, walk along the streets of the enterprise, and go to the real workshops where tractors are assembled. There we will be able to look at the daily work of MTZ workers, but also participate in the assembling of a real tractor. This is so interesting! The tractor, in the assembling of which you will participate, will work later on the fields and in the villages.

On the site where the plant's products are stored, you can take a sit in the tractor driver’s cab, and even drive around the plant. Industrial tourism gives you an unforgettable experience!

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